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Laboratory Juan Antonio Tello conducts all determinations in olive oils according to EC Regulation (CE) no. 2568/91 and its subsequent modifications. We offer a wide range of analytical services of Qualit, Purity Standards and Contaminants.

Our main goal is to offer a competent technical response which boosts the inclusion of new determinations suggested by the market demands.

This matter implies the inclusion of last generation equipment (Bruker, Aghilent, Perking, Wather…) bound to exhaustive controls , and validated analytical methods based on international standards in order to guarantee our results. We opt for the inclusion of quality standards not included in EU Regulations which provides an added value to our services.

· We analyse a wide range of contaminants, including all those listed in Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006.

Besides, our services portfolio includes determinations in edible vegetable oils (according to RD_308_1983 Regulation and its subsequent modifications as well as in those specified in the Codex).

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