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Organoleptic Assessment

Our panel has 25 years of experience in the Olive Oil Sector, and we have  qualified tasters according to COI/T standard. 20 / 14, under Accreditation no. 749 / LE1295.

            In the case of virgin olive oil, unlike the rest of vegetable oils, the organoleptic qualities (smell, flavor, …) have a particular importance for being actual natural juice, with distinctive sensorial features, which make it very appealing, apart from providing a number of benefits when consumed regularly. As a result of all the above, the assessment of sensorial features in each oil must be accurate and scientific since it will become a source of information for consumers.

            Control in the processing of virgin olive oils is key to guarantee the quality of the product. Such control must not focus on the production stage, but include a continuous process from the management of harvest of raw materials until to the product packaging.

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