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New progress on the stability indexes for EVOOs

Jaén, Spain 

Laboratorio Tello together with L.A.B. (both part of Tentamus Group) and the University of Granada, continue to advance in the development of stability indices on extra virgin olive oils and other vegetable oils. 

 Since 2018, Laboratorio Tello and L.A.B. are working on the public research project CASEITE of the call “RETOS Colaboración 2017″ next to the Analytical Chemistry Research Group FQM-232 (Analysis in Food and Environment of UGR) focussing on the development of new analysis methods required by the market in the olive sector. 

The research is based on the construction of kinetic models focused on monitoring and studying the aging of these oilsTo achieve this objective, the deterioration process of the oils has been examined through different analytical determinations, such as:  

  • Those related to oxidation 
  • The presence of compounds and tocopherols
  • Other complementary determinations related to both the quality and purity of the oils: organoleptic assessment and volatile constituents, or their fatty acid profiles

 All this work aims to establish stability indices that will enable the best-before date of the oils to be predicted. Different intrinsic and extrinsic variables are taken into account, such as the type of variety, storage conditions, temperature, and/or radiation exposure. 

This joint research is part of the Caseite project and its execution has been made possible thanks to the funding received from the Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities, the State Research Agency (AEI), and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), financed by ERDF/Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities – State Research Agency/ _Project RTC-2017-6170-2. The Thematic Objective of the Operational Programme: Promote technological development, innovation, and quality research.



About Laboratorio Tello 

Laboratorio Tello offers technical advice throughout the integral control of the process: field, oil mill, packaging, and point of sale. Since 2017, Laboratorio Tello has been part of the Tentamus Group. This membership is allowing them to continue with their objective of growth and expansion of services. 

Aware of the importance of offering a technical guarantee to its customers, Laboratorio Tello is also recognized by ENAC and by the International Olive Council (I.O.C.) for Physical-Chemical and Contaminant tests, guaranteeing the maximum technical competence and reliability of its results. Plase find further information about Laboratorio Tello at . 



Juan Antonio Tello  – General Manager of Tello 

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