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Tentamus Group welcomes its first laboratory in Portugal!

Globalab, a laboratory specialized in microbiological analysis for the Environmental and Food industry, becomes the first Tentamus laboratory in Portugal.

Based in Marinha Grande (Portugal), Globalab offers a wide range of microbiological analytical services focused on the agri-food and environmental sector.

Globalab opened its doors in 2004 and has since become a reference laboratory in the Portuguese market.

Among its most in-demand services are water analysis, food analysis as well as air and surface analysis (validation of sanitation plans). In addition, Globalab is nationally accredited for most microbiological and chemical tests in water and food, as well as the sampling of these matrices.

Its wide analytical offer (accredited) also covers the area of Molecular Biology: DNA species identification and Legionella analysis.

Martina Costa and Joana Martins, managers of Globalab are delighted: “Our integration in the Tentamus Group is a great opportunity for the whole team. The synergies created by this union will allow us to reinforce Globalab’s reference position in an increasingly global and competitive market. This is undoubtedly a commitment to the future, not only with our clients, but also in the sense of growing together and giving new strength to the expression “Tentamus Group” in Portugal”.

Dr. Javier Martínez, Country Manager of Tentamus Spain & Portugal adds “We are very excited about Tentamus’ first steps into Portugal. Globalab’s professional team is just terrific! We are eager to explore ways to develop Globalab’s services, to become the leading laboratory for food and water in Portugal.”


About Globalab


With more than 15 years of experience, Globalab is a reference laboratory in the Portuguese market, providing quality control and analytical services for the food and water management sectors. Globalab is a great strategic boost when it comes to offering an increasingly complete and global analytical service throughout the Iberian Peninsula. 

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Martina Costa
CEO of Globalab

Joana Martins
CEO of Globalab


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